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Research Overview



As a computing school within a Management University, our research is uniquely defined by the twin emphasis of Academic Scholarship in Computing Technology and Practice Scholarship in Solution Development. Academic scholarships in 3 selected areas, mainly Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Human-Machine Collaborative Systems, and Information Systems and Technology.

At the same time, we need to go beyond technology creation in order to achieve practical impact. We emphasise solution development which entails integrating different technologies, integrating with business models and processes, addressing usability, deployment and product management concerns, aligning with local ethical norms as well as legal and regulatory frameworks and ultimately, fulfilling user and organisational needs.

That is what we mean by Practice Scholarship. The application areas that we direct our Practice Scholarship to are: Education Pedagogy, Urban Systems and Operations, Active Citizenry and Communities, and Safety and Security. The following elaborates on our research areas and highlights some of our achievements.


Our Faculty

We selectively seek out top notch faculty who are deeply grounded in the fundamentals of their respective areas, and who also want to collaborate with our SIS faculty and other SMU faculty in related areas. Our faculty are encouraged to pursue first-rate, innovative academic research and publication while at the same time engaging in new initiatives that are problem driven and that can be applied to national, regional and global needs.
We seek out tenure-track research faculty who are driven to have their research, their results, and their project work disseminated through top-tier academic publishing, and who also want to see how the ideas and new capabilities they create can be applied to innovative systems, solutions and decision making in the broader external world.
We want to see our academic research contribute in some way to business & management applications, government & public sector applications, civil & people sector applications, or to social science research and applications. We want our research faculty to aspire to finding new ways of making contributions to scholarship and to society through work in whatever aspect of computer science, information technology, information systems and management or analytics, and especially with work in these areas that deeply integrates with management or social science.
The SIS environment provides excellent career advantages that attract and retain top-notch research faculty. We pay particular attention to developing the research potential of faculty members in the early stages of their career.
For all of our faculty members at all stages of their career, we provide a highly collaborative and supportive environment, and provide generous support for participating in high quality conferences and workshops. We also actively foster collaboration with internationally renowned universities and research labs.
All of the above also applies to our non-tenure track faculty who are in our education track or our practice track, though with the acknowledgement that their efforts are focused on excellence and innovation in our educational programmes , on doing more applied work oriented to the professions, on service to the university and to the professional community, and on creating and disseminating research and project outputs in ways that are consistent with these education track and practice track roles.





Last updated on 10 Jun 2021 .