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Undergraduate Research (UResearch) in Computing Programme

What is the objective of the programme?

The programme offers an opportunity for undergraduate students in the B.Sc. (Computer Science), B.Sc. (Information Systems) and B.Sc. (Software Engineering)1 degree programmes to experience academic research in Computing, as well as prepare them for graduate studies.

It allows students to experience first-hand the challenges and exhilaration of research, discovery and innovation, and enriches their academic learning by working at the frontiers of computing research.

Who are eligible?

Third/fourth-year students students in the B.Sc. (Computer Science), B.Sc. (Information Systems) and B.Sc. (Software Engineering)1 degree programmes with GPA >= 3.4 and passion for research. Students must be able to complete the UResearch Programme requirements before they graduate.

Strongly motivated students in these degree programmes with a lower GPA may self-recommend by demonstrating their ability and passion for research through other means (e.g., research experience and strong recommendation of a faculty member).

Programme Coordinator

If you are interested in UResearch or have questions about projects or eligibility, please email the programme coordinator.

APPLY FOR IS470/471/472 OR CS470/471/472 [ SMU Access Only ]

Why should I join the programme?

Students enrolled in the programme will gain cutting-edge knowledge as well as experience on how research is conducted.

This experience will prepare them well for technology R&D jobs as well as graduate studies.

In particular, the following are put in place to motivate and support students in undertaking this programme:

  • Students may apply to work as research interns for up to 3 months during Summer (May - Aug).
    This can be used to fulfil the internship requirement.
  • A research excellence award will be given to students with excellent performance.
  • Students will receive a certificate from the school upon completing the UResearch Programme (IS 470, IS 472 and 1 PhD Course, or CS 470, CS 472 and 1 PhD Course).
  • Financial support for one conference trip if a research paper is published (at a tier-2 or above conference) as the result of the programme.

What are the requirements for the UResearch programme?

Students will need to complete the following courses:

These courses can be mapped to students’ degree requirements as below:

B.Sc. (Computer Science) Students B.Sc. (IS) : Information Systems Students B.Sc. (IS) : Smart-City Management & technology Students B.Sc. (Software Engineering)1 Students

PhD course

CS Depth Electives

IS Depth Electives

IS Depth Electives

Free Elective



CS Project Experience

IS Project Experience

SMT Project Experience

Free Elective


CS Depth Elective

IS Depth Elective

IS Depth Elective

Free Elective

1 NEW! Pending MOE’s approval for August 2022 launch

How do I identify a research topic and a supervisor?

A list of broad research projects proposed by faculty members will be listed online. A student is expected to identify relevant projects based on his/her interest and passion. Afterwards, the student meets the corresponding faculty member and secures his/her agreement to be the project supervisor before enrolling in the programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does this programme last?

A: This programme will last about one year (first regular term for IS470/CS470 and second regular term for IS472/CS472 and 1 PhD course)

Q: How many CUs can I take in the terms that I‘m undertaking the programme?

A: It is recommended that you do not take more than 4 CUs per term (including the UResearch Programme course(s)) as the workload is expected to be heavy.

Q: Do I need to pay additional fees for the PhD course?

A: No additional fees required; only e$20 will be deducted for enrolment for each of the UResearch Programme courses.

Q: What if I do not wish to continue with the programme after my IS470/CS470?

A: There is no penalty for dropping out of the programme. Your IS470/CS470 can still count towards your IS or CS Depth elective.

If you are still keen to continue with your IS470/CS470 project, or do another research study, you can do IS471/CS471 instead. However, you will not earn the UResearch Programme certificate nor map the 2 research courses (IS470/CS470 and IS471/CS471) towards your Information Systems(IS)/Smart-City Management & Technology(SMT)/Computer Science(CS) Project Experience.


Here are a list of publications contributed by our SCIS undergraduate students.

UResearch Projects from IS470/IS471/IS472 or CS470/CS471/CS472

Here are examples of research projects past and present worked on by students & faculty in IS470/IS471/IS472 or CS470/CS471/CS472 sorted by calendar year:

Last updated on 12 Nov 2021 .