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SMU-University College London Integrated Programme

  • SMU BSc (Information Systems) : Smart-City Management & Technology and UCL MSc : Smart Cities and Urban Analytics

The SMU-University College London Integrated Programme allows promising students of Singapore Management University (SMU) to graduate in as short as four years, with both a Bachelor of Science (Information Systems): Smart-City Management & Technology (SMT) Major degree from SMU and a Master of Science in Smart Cities and Urban Analytics from University College London (UCL).

Students enrolled in this programme will begin their undergraduate studies at our school and complete their master’s degree at UCL’s Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), UK’s largest multidisciplinary faculty of the built environment in an elite and world-renowned university.


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Assistant Professor of Information Systems (Education)

Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships^ concurrently to finance the pursuit of the integrated programme.

SMU Global Impact Scholarship

The SMU Global Impact Scholarship is a premier flagship scholars' award that is dedicated to nurture a new generation of leaders, committed to helping to solve complex global and local challenges, thus making an impact on society.

SG:D Scholarship (Undergraduate)

As part of the national strategy to develop talented professionals in the fast changing infocomm industry, this integrated programme is offered through the Singapore Digital (SG:D) Scholarship (Undergraduate) to outstanding students.

^ Scholarships applications are subjected to terms and conditions such as maximum value supported. Please refer to the respective website for details.


The strength of SMU’s SMT programme lies in data analytics, creation of technology innovations and evidence-based reasoning to apply relevant technology to solving urbanization challenges. Its unique interdisciplinary programme aims at developing skills in integrating technology, social science and management to address challenges and reap opportunities arising from the transformation of global and national trends towards smart cities.

UCL’s Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis is the highest-ranked institution for architecture in the UK and Europe. It is globally recognized for its strength in multidisciplinary approach to the built environment including city planning. In particular, its MSc in Smart Cities and Urban Analytics focuses on addressing urbanization concerns related to policy, social science and infrastructure aspects of smart cities through spatial data analysis and inclusion of technological innovations.

SMU’s bachelor degree in SMT complements well with UCL’s master degree in Smart City and Urban Analytics. SMU students will be able to apply the technology solutioning and analytics skills learned in the Bachelor degree to spatial and urban planning problems in the evolution towards smart cities.

Refer to the respective programme websites for details of the curriculum:


This programme provides SMU students of the SMT major an integrated progression from a Bachelor degree to a Master degree while offering two timeline options. Both options begin with three years of undergraduate studies in SMU but differ in where the fourth year is spent.

BSc (Information Systems) : Smart City Management & Technology Major

3 or 4 years

MSc in Smart Cities and Urban Analytics

1 year

In the first option, students who achieve a GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.6* or above at the end of Year 2 will be eligible to apply for admission to UCL’s master degree in Smart City and Urban Analytics, with conditional acceptance, students can plan for an accelerated path and apply to relevant scholarships.

Upon completing the SMU’s bachelor degree in SMT at the end of Year 3, students with in-principle acceptance by UCL and have achieved a GPA of 3.3 or above will be eligible to pursue MSc: Smart Cities and Urban Analytics at UCL in their fourth year.

The second option offers a "4+1 years" progression opportunity where students complete the typical 4 years of SMU’s bachelor degree in SMT before proceeding to apply for the UCL’s master degree in Smart City and Urban Analytics (1 year), subjected to UCL’s admission evaluation and GPA requirement of 3.3 and above.


Admittance to SMU and our BSc (Information Systems) or BSc (Computer Science) programme is required to be part of the integrated programme.

1A. Entering Students

For incoming students, you can find information about applying for admission to SMU here.

Students who are Singapore Citizens are also encouraged to apply for the Singapore Digital (SG:D) Scholarship (Undergraduate) concurrently or one year before commencing university studies.

Entering students will be informed of admission application outcome in June.

1B. Current Students

For current students with an eligible GPA as stipulated above and a strong leadership record while studying here, you can apply to the Accelerated or Integrated Programme.

Submit your application (intranet link) to the programme coordinator.

*Note: GPA scores which are close to the stipulated GPA may also be considered.

Last updated on 06 Jan 2022 .