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SMU & Carnegie Mellon Fast Track Programme

  • SMU BSc (Information Systems) : Information Systems and CMU Masters Programmes Options
  • SMU BSc (Information Systems) : Smart-City Management & Technology and CMU Masters Programmes Options
  • SMU BSc (Computer Science) : IT Solution Development and CMU Masters Programmes Options

The SMU-CMU Fast Track Programme allows Singapore Management University (SMU) students to graduate within four to four and half years with both a Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) OR Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) degrees respectively from SMU and a master's degree in IT from Carnegie Mellon University.

Students admitted to this programme begin with a solid foundation at our school and finish their studies at Carnegie Mellon, an elite and world-renowned American university in the field of information technology.


Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships^ concurrently to finance the pursuit of the integrated programme.

SMU Global Impact Scholarship

The SMU Global Impact Scholarship is a premier flagship scholars' award that is dedicated to nurture a new generation of leaders, committed to helping to solve complex global and local challenges, thus making an impact on society.

SG:D Scholarship (Undergraduate)

As part of the national strategy to develop talented professionals in the fast changing infocomm industry, this integrated programme is offered through the Singapore Digital (SG:D) Scholarship (Undergraduate) to outstanding students.

^ Scholarships applications are subjected to terms and conditions such as maximum value supported. Please refer to the respective website for details. The SMU GLOBAL IMPACT SCHOLARSHIP will cover up to SGD $40,000 of the Carnegie Mellon Masters Programme’s tuition fee.


The SMU-CMU Fast Track programme has three timeline options. All timeline options typically begin with two years at SMU and end with one or one and half years in a CMU Masters programme. The timeline options are different in where the third year is spent. The availability of the timeline options are dependent on the openings, time of application, and the students’ backgrounds.

Students awarded the SG:Digital Scholarship (Undergraduate) the flexibility to self-source their own organisations to fulfill their bond obligation upon graduation (subjected to IMDA's approval):

  • 4 years for the Fast Track Programme Bachelors-Masters Scholarship
  • 1 - 4 years for Mid-Term Local/Overseas Scholarship (dependent on the duration of sponsorship)

Scholars can approach IMDA for a list of recommended industry partners for mentorship, internship and job opportunities.


Admittance to SMU and our BSc (Information Systems) or BSc (Computer Science) programme is required to be part of this integrated programme.

1A. Entering Students

For incoming students, you can find information about applying for admission to SMU here.

Students should apply via the SMU Admissions process and inform the programme coordinator of your interest in the Fast Track programme. Students who are not awarded an eligible scholarship may also apply under the self-funded option.

Students who are Singapore Citizens are also encouraged to apply for the Singapore Digital (SG:D) Scholarship (Undergraduate) concurrently or one year before commencing university studies.

Please indicate the SMU-Carnegie Mellon Fast Track programme as your programme of choice.

1B. Current Students

For current students with an minimum GPA of 3.65 and a strong leadership record while at SCIS, you can apply to the Fast Track Programme.

Submit your application (intranet link) to the programme coordinator.

Applications are due the second week of January of the current academic year.

2. Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate

Carnegie Mellon requires a mid-course application.

Please check with Prof. GAO Debin on procedures required, one term before entrance to Carnegie Mellon.

Note for entering students: Should Carnegie Mellon expresses concerns with your current academic performance, you must resubmit the required information after one term for a second review. You are expected to make improvements in the term.

3. Carnegie Mellon Masters Programmes Options

Each Masters programme at Carnegie Mellon has specific admissions requirements.

Please check that you fulfill the admissions requirements of the specific programme you are applying to.

Refer to the programme web sites for details:

  • MISM-BIDA - The Masters of Information Systems Management - Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Offered by CMU’s Heinz College


  • MISM - The Masters of Information Systems Management

Offered by CMU’s Heinz College


  • MSISPM - The Master of Science in Information Security Policy and Management

Offered by CMU’s Heinz College


  • MSPPM-DA - The Master of Science in Public Policy and Management : Data Analytics

Offered by CMU’s Heinz College


  • MSIS - The Master of Science in Information Security

Offered by the Information Networking Institute of CMU’s College of Engineering


  • MCDS - The Master of Computational Data Science

Offered by the Language Technologies Institute of CMU’s School of Computer Science


  • MSAII - The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Innovation

Offered by the Language Technologies Institute of CMU’s School of Computer Science


  • MSE-SS - The Masters of Software Engineering - Scalable Systems & MSE-ES Masters of Software Engineering - Embedded Systems

Both offered by the Institute for Software Research of CMU’s School of Computer Science


Last updated on 30 Aug 2021 .