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SMU-Master of Science in Computing (MScomputing) Fast Track

The SMU-Master of Science in Computing Fast Track Programme welcomes promising SMU undergraduates to pursue a Bachelor and Master of Science in Computing degree concurrently within SMU.

The programme currently offers 3 tracks:

Data Science & Engineering

Students will master and develop scalable and secure solutions to store and retrieve large datasets of diverse types (e.g. spatial, multimedia, text, etc.), as well as analytics methods for mining and understanding collections of evolving data and social networks.


Students will gain in-depth knowledge of relevant security issues in computer systems, networks and their applications. Thus, students are prepared for a career in a variety of scenarios from large corporations to the development of their own entrepreneurial information security capability.

Software & Cyber-Physical Systems

Students will be trained with good theoretical knowledge and excellent practical skills in designing and implementing complex software systems. This track is ideal for those students who want to upgrade and expand their knowledge and pursue a career in the software industry.

Possible Financing options for MSComputing programme fees:

  • SCIS Local Fast Track Scholarships — This scholarship may be offered to Year 2 students with excellent academic qualifications.
  • Master of Science in Computing Merit Award
  • Global Impact Scholarship Award — This scholarship is awarded during SMU Undergraduate admissions.
  • SkillsFuture Funding for Singapore Citizens
  • Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) for Singapore Citizens


1A. Entering Students

Students should apply via the undergraduate admissions process for the Bachelor Programme first (recommended that you apply for BSc (Information Systems), BSc (Computer Science) or BSc (Computing and Law) Programme). You can find information about applying for admission to SMU here.

1B. Current Students

Third-year students (preferably from SCIS) and has attained a cumulative GPA of ≥ 3.40 are welcome to apply for the MScomputing Programme here at end of Year 3.

You should aim to commence the MScomputing Programme latest by Year 4 Term 2.*

*Recipient(s) of Local Fast-track Scholarship should aim to complete the MScomputing Programme within 4.5 years, so it is recommended that you commence MScomputing Programme latest in Year 4 Term 2.

*Current students who are intending to start the fast track programme earlier, please contact the programme administrator to discuss course progression matters.

2. MScomputing fast track Admissions Matters


  • Please refer to the MScomputing fees schedule here

  • Fast-track students with excellent MScomputing academic results may be offered Merit Award of up to SGD 10,000. The merit award will be used to offset the tuition fees in second instalment.

  • For undergraduate scholarship recipients, please email to to check. Recipient(s) of Global Impact Scholarship Award will also have to inform Centre for Scholars’ Development (CSD).


  • It is recommended that students intending to apply for the MScomputing Programme under fast track are enrolled in BSc (Information Systems) or BSc (Computer Science) or BSc (Computing and Law) programme.
  • Global Impact Scholars with Information Systems as a 2nd major may be considered on a case-by-case basis during the programme application.
    • Cumulative GPA required: ≥ 3.4

3. MScomputing Fast Track Programme matters

MScomputing course exemptions

  • Students may count up to 2 courses from their BSc (Information Systems) or BSc (Computer Science) or BSc (Computing and Law) programme towards the MScomputing requirements (electives only)
  • PhD level courses (i.e. IS7xx series) taken during BSc studies can be counted towards the MScomputing requirements.

MScomputing Fast Track Routes

  • Students can start applying for MScomputing Programme at the end of undergraduate Year 3 (latest before Year 4 Term 2).

    This applies to:

    • Students who are self-funding the MScomputing Programme
    • Recipients of the Global Impact Scholarship Award or SCIS Local Fast Track Scholarship

  • Sequential (i.e. do MScomputing after undergraduate graduation) and students should apply within 5 years of graduating from undergraduate programmes.

    • This is applicable only to:

      • Recipients of Global Impact Scholarship Award


B.Sc. (Information Systems) or B.Sc. (Computer Science)
or B.Sc. (Computing and Law)
Year 1 - 4

Master of Science in Computing*

Year 4, Term 2 - Year 5, Term 1

*the duration is subject to the number of credits transferable from B.Sc. (Information Systems) or B.Sc. (Computer Science) or B.Sc. (Computing and Law) to MScomputing for each student enrolled in this programme



B.Sc. (Information Systems) or
B.Sc. (Computer Science)
or B.Sc. (Computing and Law)

3 or 4 years

Master of IT in Business (MITB)*

1 year (Full-Time) or 2 years (Part-Time)

*to be done within 5 years of graduating from B.Sc. (Information Systems) or B.Sc. (Computer Science) or B.Sc. (Computing and Law)

MScomputing Course Delivery
  • Full-time candidature (12 months)
  • All MScomputing courses (i.e. IS7xx series) are run in the evenings during weekdays (7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.).

Last updated on 06 Aug 2021 .