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Basic SCRUM Workshop by PayPal


SIS Class Room B1-1 (Rm B120-2)
School of Information Systems,
Singapore Management University
80 Stamford Road, Singapore 178902
16 August 2017 | Wedneday
10.00 am - 12.00 am



“Young Entrepreneurs Success - Role of Agility”

Entrepreneurship comes with a host of challenges. Rewarding challenges, but harsh challenges nonetheless. Entrepreneurs must deal with these no matter even if they are new in business -- trying to establish a brand, adjust to match or exceed the competition and keep your business profitable is a challenge.

There are lot of lessons [in terms of fundamentals] learnt from the industry failures and successes across the globe. Entrepreneurs adopt different approaches to address these fundamental challenges, Enterprise Agility is one among many approaches. The goal of this session is to bring the awareness among the participants on how they can leverage this approach to make them successful in their future endeavours.

This workshop is based on interactive sessions. Hence the participants learn by doing the simulations and engaging in dialogue during the workshop.