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Digital Transformation, Digital Ambition & National Competitiveness
by Wong Yuet Nan


Wong Yuet Nan
Ex-Senior Executive Partner & CIO Advisor, Gartner Inc
Adjunct Faculty, School of Information Systems, SMU

DATE 16 October 2019, Wednesday
VENUE Seminar Room 5-2, Level 5
School of Economics & Social Sciences
90 Stamford Road
Singapore 178903
5.00pm to 6.30pm
(Presentation and Q&A by Wong Yuet Nan)


More than five years ago, when I first shared that digital technology will transform all industry including government, many have doubted whether this will come through. Today most people & businesses have accepted this, and now the most common question is how do I use digital technology to transform my business or government organization?

In my talk, I will share the following:

  1. What is digital transformation? An example - what is the difference between online bank vs mobile bank vs digital bank? Most people would state that digital bank = online bank + mobile bank which is the wrong answer.
  2. What are the mega technology trends driving digital transformation? Why an understanding of Gartner’s Hype-cycle framework is important to avoid making major mistakes?
  3. What is digital ambition and digital KPIs? Why should we decide on our digital ambition before embarking on digital transformation journey?
  4. Let’s use Singapore as a country to illustrate digital ambition and KPIs, and how technology have helped Singapore achieved national competitive advantages?

This talk also serves as a brief overview to a MITB course (Digital Transformation Strategy) which focuses on IT trends, Digital Transformation Strategy and Organization Change Management where students will work on real life business problems in the course term projects.


About the Speaker

Wong Yuet Nan has almost 40 years of working experience as a CIO advisor, CIO and IT professional. He was a Senior Executive Partner & CIO Advisor with Gartner for the past 10 years. He has advised and worked closely with many CIOs in some of the largest private and public sector organizations in the region. Prior to Gartner, he was a CIO/Regional CIO for 18 years with Singapore Power, HP, Compaq, Abacus Distribution Systems (Airline reservation) and Times Publishing. He was a founding member of Singapore National Computer Board back in 1981.

Wong Yuet Nan was a Board of Advisors member with Singapore Management University School of Information Systems (SMU SIS) between 2006-2016. He has been teaching a full semester undergraduate course on IT Strategy and IT Management since 2008. For the last five years, the term project for this course has been “Digital Transformation Strategy”. The term project sponsors included DBS, OCBC, SingTel, Johnson & Johnson, IDA, EDB, Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore Prison etc. He was given the Outstanding Adjunct Teaching award by SMU in 2016.

Wong Yuet Nan has a B.A. Honours and M.A. degree from Oxford University in Engineering Science, and an MBA from UCLA majoring in Finance and Management Information Systems (MIS).


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