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1D Training Booster in Conversational Skills, The Art/Science of Handling Questions, and Personal Storytelling

Would you rather face lines of code and debug throughout the night, than manage an overseas VIP on your own? Is it tough to strike up a conversation, or to sustain one once it's been initiated? Or perhaps, you find yourself often stumped and gawking like a deer in headlights when people throw you conversational curveballs, asking questions you weren't quite expecting.

If this is you in particular, or if you'd like to sharpen your skills further, invest a day and come for this fun training booster. This workshop promises ample hands-on practice and realistic simulations based on scenarios you are likely to encounter in your roles as ACE members, SIS ambassadors and aspiring career seekers. This isn't a magic bullet, so most of the hard work will still fall on your shoulders through steady practice in the weeks and months ahead, but we are confident you'll walk away with some nifty techniques in hand. So do yourself a favour, step up to the challenge, and we'll see you in October!

Date: 12 Oct, Friday   Time: 9am to 6pm  |  Venue: SIS SR 2.3