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Innovation...the art of shaping and building a creative and high performance company
by Mr Sylvain MAHE


Mr Sylvain MAHE
Enterprise Coach,
Palo IT Singapore

DATE 28 September 2018, Friday
VENUE Seminar Room 2-1,
Level 2,
School of Information Systems
80 Stamford Road, Singapore 178902
5.00pm to 6.00pm
(Presentation and Q&A by Mr Sylvain MAHE)


In today's digital age, organisations are constantly seeking to innovate and remain relevant. Join Enterprise Agile Coach, Sylvain, as he shares the attributes of innovative leaders and how to unleash the potential of creative workers from his years of experience working with large multinational firms that have sought to disrupt before being disrupted. Attendees can expect to walk away with models and practical techniques that will help them decipher the various corporate cultures and how to shape it to become a high-performance organization.


About the Speaker

As an Enterprise Agile Coach, Sylvain has worked with both established companies and startups across diverse industries, ranging from banking and telecommunications, to government agencies. Sylvain has successfully trained, coached and mentored over 1,000 people from every level of the corporate ladder. By helping companies win the race by adopting Agile, his clients became more innovative, respond to changes quicker and are better abled in attracting and retaining talent. He has helped organizations reduce their time to market from 12 to 3 months, and reduce their number of products’ defects by 50%, while at the same time, improving happiness in the workplace.


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