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Building and Promoting Analytics in Lenovo
by Mr Ruoyu Bao


Mr Ruoyu Bao
Head of Advanced Analytics,

DATE 23 February 2017, Thursday
VENUE SIS Seminar Rm 2-4
School of Information Systems
5.00pm to 6.30pm
(Presentation and Q&A by Mr Ruoyu Bao)


Building and Promoting Analytics in Lenovo

As the world’s largest personal computer vendor and having operations in more than 60 countries, Lenovo has a vast diversity of use cases where analytics can produce tangible results, ranging from supply chain optimization to product price forecast. Come and hear Lenovo’s journey in building its analytics team and overcoming the challenges involved. Gain insights into how an analytics culture is promoted within a large organization.

Furthermore, explore the successes of how Lenovo gained business-driven data insights and thoughts on how to deliver business impact during the early stages of an analytics career.


About the Speaker

Mr Ruoyu Bao

Ruoyu Bao heads the Advanced Analytics team for Lenovo. He was a physicist by training, who also gained business acumen through strategy roles at McKinsey and Lenovo. These experience combined gives Ruoyu an advantage to bridge data and business need, as his current mission is to deliver business insights from both structured and unstructured data.

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