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Top Tech Predictions for 2017
by Mr Cyrus Daruwala


Mr Cyrus Daruwala
Managing Director,
Financial Services & IT Executive Program
IDC Asia/Pacific

DATE 6 January 2017, Friday
Seminar Rm B1-1
School of Economics/School of Social Sciences
Basement 1
5.00pm to 6.30pm
(Presentation and Q&A by Mr Cyrus Daruwala )


Top Tech Predictions for 2017

Find out the Top Tech Predictions for 2017 and learn, from an expert of IDC, how to adapt and navigate your business through these changes to gain competitive advantage in highly competitive marketplace. The presentation by IDC will cover many trends driving success today and in the future.


About the Speaker

Mr Cyrus Daruwala

Cyrus is the Managing Director for IDC Financial Insights. He brings with him more than 20 years of financial services experience and has a very close working relationship with most of the banks, financial institutions, vendors and government regulators.

For the past 20 years, Cyrus has been working with financial institutions to help them assess their business, operational and technical challenges, select the right vendors and partners, better understand their IT Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and grow their customer base. His understanding of a range of business, market, regulatory and investment related issues enable him to work closely with financial institutions, consultants, vendors and government agencies on various multi-disciplinary initiatives.

Before joining Financial Insights, Cyrus was Partner with a research and publication firm. He was instrumental in growing their proprietary as well as subscription based research business along with their events and editorial businesses.

He worked with Wells Fargo for nearly 4 years in their FX & Bullion Trading division. Before Wells, Cyrus spent 10 years with HSBC. Cyrus has lived and worked in the UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Australia for nearly 12 years before he moved back to Singapore in 2000.

Cyrus has a master’s degree in Business Finance, Economics and Business Law and is a Commerce Graduate with Accounts, Political Sciences, and Business Planning as specialist subjects. In addition, he has advanced his studies through a 2-year comprehensive on-the-job training program in leveraged foreign exchange and bullion trading with further coursework at the International Monetary Market on fund displacement, investment strategies and trust planning.

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