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The Digital Transformation Challenge for Asset Management
by Dr. Catalin BURLACU


Dr. Catalin BURLACU
Co-Founder and CEO
Nexus Alpha Capital Management Ltd

DATE 20th July 2016, Wednesday
VENUE Executive Seminar Rm 4-2
Level 4
Administration Building
Singapore Management University
7.00pm to 8.00pm
(Presentation by Dr. Catalin BURLACU)
8.00pm to 8.30pm


The Digital Transformation Challenge for Asset Management

Of all the changes confronting asset managers, perhaps none has more potential to transform the industry than the rise of digital technologies. Significant amount of research indicates that digital transformation can provide a significant competitive advantage to asset managers. This advantage manifests itself on many fronts, including, better performance of assets under management; more effective and efficient distribution strategies; improved segmentation and targeting of key customer groups; and faster development of more desirable products.

Although innovative technologies in the form of mobile, social media, cloud computing, big data and analytics are a key enabling factor in the digital transformation of asset management, the most important feature in this transformation is a shift in firms’ orientation, from selling a product to selling to a client (whether that client is an investor or an intermediary such as a financial advisor).

During the Seminar, we will discuss general requirements from clients and advisors, from a global perspective and also specific one for Singapore. An important part of the Seminar will be explaining the changing Asset Management landscape relative to client expectations and distribution (Note: The Regulators are considered clients to the firms, as well). The seminar will cover the different business models and how managers seek to be perceived by clients, showing how these models can be used to drive the application of digital solutions working from outside-in, the need of end-to-end solutions that streamline and automate as many processes as possible and the emergence of digital wealth managers.


About the Speaker

Dr. Catalin BURLACU

Dr. Catalin Burlacu is an industry professional with over 19 years of experience in asset management, quantitative investment, algorithmic trading and risk management in Asia. He started his career in Japan, working with reputable teams at Morgan Stanley and Barclays Global Investors as quant trader and fund manager. Having a technical background, Catalin had the chance of setting up investment processes and groups proving strong integration with the regulatory environment in both Japan and Singapore. He is a fervent promoter of technology as core skill across all segments of the investment value chain and on this basis he is part of the management team at Maiora asset Management, covering liquid strategies management and deal origination for innovative technologies (financial technologies, medical technologies). Catalin has a PhD in Control Systems from The University of Tokyo and an executive MBA from INSEAD, France.

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