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Data to Decisions
by Mr Partha Ray


Mr Partha Ray
Vice President – Asia Pacific
Enterprise Data Intelligence & Analytics

DATE 28th June 2016, Tuesday
VENUE Seminar Room 2-4
School of Information Systems
Level 2
Singapore Management University
(Refreshment & Registration)
7.00pm to 8.00pm
(Presentation by Mr Partha Ray)
8.00pm to 8.30pm


Data to Decisions

Large industrial manufacturing and production operations (e.g. oil & gas, petrochemical, etc.) are usually very conservative and adopt changes rather slowly. However, the combination of extreme market squeeze (e.g. price of crude oil down by 70%) and rapid technological developments such as cyber physical systems, Internet of Things, Pervasive Sensing, pervasive & cloud computing, 3D printing, etc. is shaking up this traditional industry. The industry is gradually waking up to the possibilities and also to the cost and competitive dis-advantage of non-adoption (of modern technology). In all these new technological developments - from sensing to 3D printing, a common and central theme is the "data". For example, the revolution is sensing technology is allowing manufacturers to sense every nook and corner of a plant generating tons of new data streams, modern networking technology is allowing those data streams to be transported to the analytics backbone without much cost or engineering effort, the modern analytics backbone is able to create digital twins of plant components, functions and workflows that can be monitored for their current status as well as for their future predicted behavior. The 3D printing technology is turning physical spare parts into inventory of CAD files in the cloud.

The talk will explain few of these key technological trends which are affecting the large scale production industries (e.g. Oil & Gas) and share some case studies from the pioneering data-solution / analytics projects undertaken by the speaker’s business unit in the last few years.


About the Speaker

Mr Partha Ray

Partha is Vice President (Head of Business) for "Enterprise Data Intelligence & Analytics" Business of Siemens and responsible for business in Asia Pacific. The business helps major hydrocarbon and Chemical manufacturers to run business and plant operations optimally by leveraging their data. Partha started his career as a commissioning engineer in the field of automation and controls and gradually rose through the rank to head business unit for turnkey automation & control projects.

He has worked in India, Germany and is now based in Singapore since 1996. In 2005, he started the "Enterprise Data Intelligence & Analytics" business in Asia Pacific and built a very successful business for data –solutions, which is now commonly referred as "Industrial Big data & Analytics" business domain. By training, he is an "Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer". In student age, his hobby was to build electronics gadgets, and currently he is an avid photographer and music lover.

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