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The Circus wins big at Sustainathon

14 Jan 2022

The 2021 challenge to develop technology-based solutions to reimagine learning experiences, in line with Singapore's focus on building diversity in schools and lifelong learning with digitalisation as a main tool, was clinched by The Circus, an all-female student team from SMU and NTU. The platform that SMU students Jennifer Poernomo, Jeanette Lee and Michelle Leong, and NTU student Ng Yan Qing are developing to connect students to study groups and matches tutors to students received the most appreciation from a panel of four judges at the second annual Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Sustainathon Singapore on Wednesday. The platform focuses on reimagining learning experiences. It also has a question-and-answer forum and provides study materials to connect students virtually. "It was very hard for us to make friends in school with online classes, where all we know of our classmates are their names on a screen. We hope that our platform can start a culture of peer-to-peer learning during the Covid-19 pandemic," said Michelle.


Last updated on 14 Jan 2022 .