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Robust and ethical data governance critical to growth in digital age

15 Sep 2021

In a joint commentary, SMU Associate Provost for Postgraduate Professional Education and Associate Professor of Accounting (Practice) Themin Suwardy and Melvin Yong, Singapore Country Head of CPA Australia, discussed why having robust and ethical data governance is critical to growth in a digital age. They also highlighted several ethical and governance considerations for building robust data governance policies in organisations. SMU Associate Professor of Law and Deputy Director of the SMU Centre for AI and Data Governance Warren Chik said, “For the organisation, the cost of investing in these considerations will have to be balanced against the benefits of adherence to national and global standards, as well as to avoid risk of penalties for non-compliance with legal requirements.” He added, “The extent of human involvement and oversight in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-augmented decision-making is also challenging. Too much oversight may drive up costs and manpower and defeat the use of AI; but too little may lead to legal liability or unethical outcomes.”

The Business Times

Last updated on 15 Sep 2021 .