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Worth it taking courses in business and IT

13 Sep 2021

SMU alumnus Fakhrul Fais Sirat recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) degree with Merit from SMU. He was among 2,978 SMU students in this year's cohort. “I had graduated from a Diploma in Business Management from polytechnic. The usual route that people expect me to take would be a Degree in Business Management. However, after some deliberation, I decided to study Information Systems (IS) instead, as IT is becoming prevalent in our everyday life, I felt studying IS which is essentially IT in Business would be a more fulfilling journey for me,” said Fakhrul. He added that the decision was worth it. During his four years at SMU, he was actively involved in community work, clocking a total of 196 hours serving the community. He is also the first in the family to obtain a degree, an achievement which his family is proud of.

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Last updated on 13 Sep 2021 .