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Experts Doubt Ethical AI Design Will Be Broadly Adopted as the Norm Within the Next Decade

18 Jun 2021

Commenting on the ethical issues associated with the use of AI-enabled systems, SMU Professor Emeritus of Information Systems Steven Miller said, “There are ethical issues associated with any deployment of any engineering and technology system, any automation system, any science effort (especially the application of the science), and/or any policy analysis effort. So, there is nothing special about the fact that we are going to have ethical issues associated with the use of AI-enabled systems. As soon as we stop thinking of AI as ‘special,’ and to some extent magical (at least to the layman who does not understand how these things work, as machines and tools), and start looking at each of these applications, and families of applications as deployments of tools and machines – covering both physical realms of automation and/or augmentation, and cognitive and decision-making realms of automation and/or augmentation – then we can have real discussions.” He opined that “most lay people have no idea of just how limited and brittle these capabilities are – even though they are remarkable and far above human capability in certain specific subdomains, under certain circumstances”.  [Refer to pages 74-75 in article]

Pew Research

Last updated on 25 Jun 2021 .