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Analysis: Story of 'pig feed' reveals insider story of oppression, ByteDance may challenge Tencent whilst riding the tide of regulatory supervision

8 Jun 2021

Commenting on ByteDance's report against Tencent’s anti-competitive behaviour, SMU Associate Professor of Computer Science Zhu Feida observed that while the report was signed on April 11, the company chose to make it public after nearly two months. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that this move by ByteDance aims to put further pressure on Tencent through the recent round of enhanced government regulations. Associate Professor Zhu added that Tencent behaves in a more low-key manner than Alibaba, and is more compliant with regulatory demands. It is therefore likely that Tencent's internal rectification and business separation activities are already in progress.

Lianhe Zaobao

Last updated on 08 Jun 2021 .