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Active in community work, getting inspiration from mother

20 Dec 2021

When Ms Hani ‘Aiman binte Mohamed Ishak graduated from SMU last year, she had done more than 220 hours of community service. The number of hours she put in far exceeded the 80 hours required for graduation from SMU. Among the reasons she got involved with community service was the inspiration from her mother, a member of the Residents' Committee in her area. Ms Hani led the Xing Fu Project – a community service project to help and educate underprivileged Muslim children and teachers in Guizhou province, China. She was among 2,921 SMU students to attend her cohort’s convocation which was delayed for a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems. Ms Hani also shared that “SMU has helped students in skills such as public speaking and they also strongly encourage students to undertake practical training to gain experience before working. In addition, SMU emphasises the importance of a résumé and guides us on how produce a good one,” she explained. She was also a member of the Malay Language & Culture Club at SMU and is active in theatre and music.

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Last updated on 20 Dec 2021 .