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Thought Leadership

August 2019

The Fintech Revolution

THE TRADITIONAL dominance of established big-hitters in financial services is at an end. The market for many types of financial transaction is being disrupted by small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs. They are quicker off the mark in both spotting gaps in the market and developing state-of-the-art systems to respond to customer needs.

July 2019

Chatbots: Conversation Killers or Makers?

WETHER YOU'RE AWARE of it or not, the chances are you’ve been chatting to robots of late. While these bots are faceless and unseen, don’t be fooled into thinking they aren’t there. In fact, chatbots, have been around since the 1960s at least, but with the progress in artificial intelligence, cloud computing and voice recognition, they’ve received both a functionality and a popularity boost.

June 2019

Decentralise Me

IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF a reminder of the levels of hype surrounding blockchain, then look no further than Japan’s J-Pop sensation Kasotsuka Shojo, otherwise known as the Virtual Currency Girls who, with their debut track “The Moon and Cryptocurrencies and Me”, aim to educate fans about cryptocurrencies in an entertaining way.

May 2019

The Future Robo-Advisor

THE ACCELERATED DIGITALISATION of both people and business around the world today is having a huge impact on the investment management and advisory space. The addition of new and vastly larger data sets, as well as exponentially more sophisticated analytical tools to turn that data into usable information is constantly changing the way investments are decided on, made and managed.

April 2019

Big Data And The Consumer

WHAT IS BIG DATA? The intuitive meaning of the phrase ‘big data’ might be “data that is huge in quantity”. But is that interpretation enough? Data of this type has existed for as long as humans have made records of their work. Some of the earliest writings, such as cuneiform, contain vast amounts of data covering areas as diverse as law, mapping and mathematical equations.

March 2019

Quantum Computing is Here to Stay

QUANTUM COMPUTING is emerging from university laboratories and entering the industry arena at a painfully slow pace. The measured and deliberate progress is understandable given its complexity and promise. The stakes are high, because quantum computing presents the tantalising prospect of solving problems previously considered completely insoluble.

Feb 2019

Functionality and privacy in mobile applications - who's going to win the game?

MOBILE APPS have brought so much convenience and fun into our lives. From route planning to grocery shopping, reserving flights and hiring bicycles, to the action games we play to pass the time on public transport.

January 2019

Driving an Effective Data-Ready Culture: How companies can take on a data-driven approach to business

TECHNOLOGY has turned the tables in favour of consumers, enabling them to find goods and services faster and access more choices. Companies now compete more intensely to capture consumers’ mindshare and scour for ways to keep their products relevant.

December 2018

The Rise of Real-Time Retail Payments

TRANSACTING for just about anything using our mobile phones has become commonplace, and so many consumers will be intrigued to discover that after making a purchase it can still take longer for payment to reach a vendor’s bank account than it does for the purchased goods to be delivered.

November 2018

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence To Capture The Singapore Rideshare Market

BIKE-SHARING programmes face many of the issues encountered by their counterparts in the carsharing world. But in Singapore, there are a number of factors that have a unique impact on the industry. These include the regulatory structure and the significant fines for those companies who do not abide by these regulations.

October 2018

Disruptive Technology: Can The Banking Industry Harness Disruption For Competitive Edge?

DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION was identified as a phenomenon more than two decades ago by prominent Harvard scholar Clayton Christensen. So you may wonder why established industries are only now waking up to the prospect of digital transformation - the banking industry in particular.

September 2018

March of the Silent Bots

Self-intelligent software robots, or ‘bots’ are everywhere. These small pieces of code run automated tasks when you order a taxi, search for a restaurant or check the weather. Quietly beavering away, it is unknown how many bots exist, but undoubtedly this number is set to surge over time. Already, bots comprise roughly half of all internet traffic.

Last updated on 15 Jan 2021 .