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MITB Vantage

May 2020

Data Analytics in the Media and Advertising Industry

The global media advertising spend has been growing almost linearly since 2011 and is estimated to reach USD 675 billion in 2019. Forecasted to grow further to approximately USD 811 billion in 2022 , advertising continues to be a huge industry where companies invest significantly to market products and connect with potential customers.

April 2020

Deep Learning and Traditional Machine Learning: What is the difference?

In my course of work as a data scientist, I found that this role requires a good knowledge of statistical principles and machine learning algorithms, besides demonstrated capabilities in preparing data and building models. The end goal: to discover insights from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data to help shape or meet specific business needs.

March 2020

Humanising Fintech: Putting heart back into technology

We need to focus on humanising financial technology, to decode the human psyche and deliver solutions that the world is in need of.
With the proliferation of fintech solutions in the market, most have been dedicated toward driving efficiency and automating decision-making for complex processes within organisations. Few efforts have been directed towards enabling people’s lives. Some solutions have been applied to enhance the customer experience, but there have been fewer attempts to use fintech to radically transform the lives of the unbanked.

February 2020

Making Sense of Big Data in Financial Services

Big Data is the buzzword that has been bandied around in the financial services industry. The power of Big Data is commonly harnessed in the retailbanking sector, where organisations derive multiple insights from a large client base. Its potential can also be tapped by many other sectors in the financial services industry. Crunching social media data, for example, can help investment firms sense the mood of investors, an important factor that in turn determines the “mood” of the market.

January 2020

Staying ahead in business: using data science in the MedTech industry

While technology has catalysed the improvement of healthcare solutions over the past few decades, improvements in patient health outcomes are growing at a slower pace than costs. In the medical technology (medtech) industry, a reformation is underway, with new players attempting to disrupt the healthcare system to make it more sustainable. Meanwhile, established medical suppliers are turning to data science to glean new business insights and explore other sustainable opportunities in the healthcare ecosystem.

Last updated on 27 Jan 2021 .