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Curriculum & Enrolment

Q1 Where can I find more information on the MITB curriculum?

Please click on the links below for more information:
Master of IT in Business (Analytics)
Master of IT in Business (Artificial Intelligence)
Master of IT in Business (Financial Technology & Analytics)
Master of IT in Business (Digital Transformation)

Q2 When do I choose my modules?

Information on how to complete module registration will be made available about a month before term starts.

Q3 What is the duration of study?

Full-time Candidature: A minimum of one year to a maximum of two years
Part-time Candidature: A minimum of two years to a maximum of four years

Q4 Can I change my mode of study?

Students may switch between these 2 modes of candidature at any time, but the change can only be made once.

Please note that any switch request is subject to approval from the MITB programme directors. The maximum study candidature will be re-adjusted according to the number of remaining Course Units (CUs).

Q5 Can I switch to another MITB track?

Students may switch to another specialisation track, but the change can only be made once. Please note that any switch request is subject to approval from the MITB programme directors. Students who wish to switch to another specialisation track are advised to do so early during their study candidature, so that they are able to fulfil the graduation requirements of the new track within their candidature period. For switching to the AI track, students may be subject to further assessment test by the AI Track Director.

Q6 When does the course commence?

August intake commences around mid-August, and January intake commences around the first week of January.

Q7 What happens if I’m not able to attend class for an extended period of time due to work or personal commitments?

In such cases, students should apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA), subject to approval from the MITB programme directors. The maximum LOA allowed is 1 year (or 3 full terms, but need not be consecutive). LOA will not be counted within the candidature period. Please note that LOA may begin only after completing a current term of study.

Q8 What time are classes usually held for both the Full-time and Part-time candidature?

All classes are held either on weekday evenings from 7pm onwards, Saturday mornings, or Saturday afternoons. These timings have been chosen to accommodate the working schedules of our part-time students who are concurrently working and our full-time students who are engaged with industry attachments.

However, full-time students may have some weekday morning or afternoon classes (8.15am, 12pm or 3.30pm onwards) in their first term.

Q9 Can I read additional Course Units (CUs) beyond the graduation requirement?

Students may read up to 2 additional CUs beyond the graduation requirement. An additional tuition fee of S$3,000 (excluding prevailing GST) applies for every additional CU. Students are required to decide upfront if they would like the additional CU(s) to be graded.

Q10 Are there provisions for student exchange?

No. At present, classes are held in Singapore.

Q11 Are there internship opportunities?

Yes. The MITB practicum managers work closely with our industry partners to offer internship opportunities for our students.

Q12 What is the internship duration?

Typically, the internship period is 6 months. Students do their internship during the one year full-time study candidature.

Last updated on 26 Jul 2021 .