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 Cross-Enrolment to SCIS PhD Courses

Cross-enrolment of SCIS PhD Courses for MITB Students

Eligible MITB students have the opportunity to cross-enrol up to two (02) SCIS PhD courses and count towards MITB graduation requirements as track electives or open electives. Below is the list of approved SCIS PhD courses available to MITB students. Students who have already read ISSS610 and/or IS613 are not allowed to enrol for IS712 and/or IS715 respectively.

No Course Code Course Title Instructor Term offered MITB Course Series / Remarks
1 IS702 Information Security Robert Deng Term 2 TECH
2 IS706 Software Mining and Analysis David LO Term 2 TECH
3 IS711 Learning and Planning in Intelligent Systems Pradeep Varakantham Term 1 AI
4 IS712 Machine Learning Hady Lauw Term 2 AI & ANALYTICS
Students must meet the pre-requisites for MITB course ISSS610
Not available to students who have already read ISSS610 “Applied Machine Learning”
Students who have completed IS712 will not be eligible to read MITB course ISSS610 anymore.
5 IS715# Systems Security # Gao Debin Term 1 TECH
Not available to students who have already read IS613 “Cybersecurity”
Students who have completed IS715 will not be allowed to eligible to read MITB course IS613 anymore.
6 CS702 Computational Interaction Kotaro Hara Term 2 TECH
7 CS703 Optimization and Computing Akshat Kumar Term 2 AI

# IS715 is offered in alternate years, the next course run is in AY2021 term 1 (Aug ~ Dec 2021)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What are the benefits of allowing MITB students to enrol in two (02) PhD courses during the MITB candidature?

Firstly, MITB students get the opportunity to challenge themselves intellectually to read a doctoral level (IS700 Series) course. Secondly, for MITB students that are keen to proceed to SCIS PhD/EngD Programmes and are subsequently successfully admitted, they may be exempted from 2 PhD courses during their SCIS PhD/EngD candidature. Please note that there are depth and breadth requirements for SCIS PhD Degree Coursework requirements.

For more info regarding SCIS PhD Programmes, please click here.
For more info regarding SCIS EngD Programme, please click here.

Q2 Does enrolling in PhD courses as an MITB student improve or guarantee my chance of being admitted into SCIS PhD/EngD Programmes?

No, enrolling in PhD courses during MITB study candidate does not improve or guarantee your chance of being admitted to SCIS PhD/EngD Programmes. All MITB students that are keen to enrol in SCIS PhD/EngD Programmes should complete MITB graduation requirements first before submitting their applications for SCIS PhD/EngD Programmes.

For SCIS PhD Programmes admission details, please click here.
For SCIS EngD Programme admission details, please click here.

All applications for the SCIS PhD/EngD Programmes will be reviewed by respective SCIS PhD/EngD Programme Offices holistically, independent of MITB admissions.

Q3 Are there enrolment limits/restrictions for the SCIS PhD courses?

There are limited seats available for MITB students. SCIS PhD courses are designed primarily to serve SCIS PhD students, MSc in Computing students and now NTU PhD students. Any remaining seats will be offered to eligible MITB students.

Cross-enrolment is only allowed in students’ second term onwards.

Q4 How do I apply to enrol for SCIS PhD courses?

Application starts about 2 months before term starts, and application window period is 2 weeks. Once application period is opened, MITB office will email an announcement to all students with detailed application instructions. MITB/PhD office will decide if enrolment can be granted based on student’s aptitude and suitability. Students will be informed of the final decision.

Q5 Are there pre-requisites for the SCIS PhD courses?

To be eligible, students must have completed at least one MITB term.

To read IS712, students must meet the pre-requisites for MITB course ISSS610. Other pre-requisites are specified on the course outline documents, which MITB Admin Office will email to all students prior to course self-service add/drop period. You may also be asked to furnish additional details as proof that the pre-requisites have been fulfilled.

Q6 Will the grades from the SCIS PhD courses be reflected in MITB transcript?

Yes, grades from the SCIS PhD courses will be reflected in MITB transcript and included in the CGPA calculation for MITB graduation requirements.

Q7 After completing two SCIS PhD courses, can I still take up “additional courses” (with additional fees)?

No, you cannot. The maximum number of non-MITB courses allowed is two (02), regardless of whether the course is from SCIS PhD or other SMU Postgraduate programmes.

Q8 If I find the SCIS PhD course not suitable after enrolment, can I drop the course?

Yes, but please take note of the following drop deadlines and the implications:

  • Drop within first 2 weeks of term: no penalty
  • Drop from 3rd to 7th week of term: Withdrawal “W” grade, no impact on CGPA
  • Drop from 8th week onwards: Fail “F” grade, 0 grade point counted into CGPA
Q9 If I have questions regarding the SCIS PhD Programme admission requirements, who should I contact for more info?

Please email enquiries for SCIS PhD Programmes to
Please email enquiries for SCIS EngD Programme to:

Last updated on 10 Nov 2021 .