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The School of Computing and Information Systems (SCIS) at the Singapore Management University (SMU) is collaborating with Melbourne School of Engineering at the University of Melbourne (UoM) to offer students that have graduated from SMU’s Master of IT in Business (MITB) the opportunity to obtain 100 points/ 1 year credit waiver into UoM’s Master of Information Systems (MIS), and to begin study from the 2nd year of the UoM MIS programme.

Programme Structure

Students enrol and graduate from the MITB programme with the completion of 13 credit units, obtaining min CGPA of 2.5 in every term as ‘Stage 1’ of the Programme and proceed to MIS as ‘Stage 2’ of the programme by completing 100 points/ 8 subjects in Semesters 3 & 4 (2nd year) at UoM. Students complete 50 points / 4 subjects each semester from the remaining foundation, lower and upper core subjects as detailed in Table 2. The typical programme structure is as follows:

Full-time MITB student

Stage 1
Stage 2
MITB Candidature:
min 1 year to max 2 years
complete 13 credit units
MIS Candidature:
1 year
Complete 8 subjects (100 points)

Part-time MITB student

Stage 1
Stage 2
MITB Candidature:
min 2 years to max 4 years
complete 13 credit units
MIS Candidature:
1 year
Complete 8 subjects (100 points)

*Note that the above illustration for timeline is not drawn to scale

Admission Criteria into MITB Programme

Please refer to MITB admission requirements:

Admission Criteria into MIS Programme

When applying for admission to UoM to undertake the MIS Programme, SMU MITB Students must fulfil the following conditions before their enrolment into MIS:

  • Successfully complete and graduated with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 from any one of the three MITB tracks (Analytics; Artificial Intelligence; Financial Technology & Analytics)
  • Completed courses as set out in Table 1 below to earn 100 points/1 year credit waiver to MIS.
  • Satisfy all language and admission requirements of Melbourne based on Melbourne Course’s website

Table 1: SMU–UoM Matching Subjects

SMU subject UoM subject
ISFS613 Big Data Analytics in Financial Services
ISSS609 Text Analytics & Applications
ISSS606 Social & Contextual Analytics
ISSS606 Social Analytics & Applications
CS601 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
ISSS610 Applied Machine Learning
COMP90059 Introduction to Programing (foundation core from 2019) -12.5 points
ISSS615 Data Management INFO90002 Database Systems & Information Modelling (foundation core) -12.5 points
IS603 IT Project and Vendor Management ISYS90050 IT Project and Change Management (lower core) -12.5 points
MGMT602 Strategy and Organisation ISYS90038 IS Strategy and Governance (upper core) -12.5 points
Any four remaining course units as approved by the MITB programme 4 x 12.5 points elective subjects
  Total credit waiver = 100 points

Table 2: UoM subjects to complete the MIS

*UoM subjects listed in Table 2 are based on the 2018 course structure. Please check the Course and Subject Handbook for up to date information

MITB Graduation Criteria

To graduate, students will need to fulfil all required 13 credit units as stipulated by SMU's MITB programme while maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.5 every term to be awarded the SMU MITB degree.

MIS Graduation Criteria

To graduate, students will need to pass all required subjects as outlined in Table 2.

MITB Tuition Fee (JAN 2019 INTAKE)

  • SGD48,000 (inclusive of GST) for completing 13 credit units at SMU
  • One-time application fee to SMU: SGD100 (inclusive of GST)
  • One-time registration fee to SMU: SGD500 (inclusive of GST)

MIS Tuition Fee

  • AU$43,008 for 100 points / 8 subjects (2019 fee)
  • One-time application fee to UOM: AU$100. The application fee will be waived by the School of Engineering as part of the advanced standing programme
  • Overseas Student Health Cover is compulsory as a condition of your student visa. The cost varies depending on the provider. More information:

For guide on annual living expenses in Melbourne, please click here

Application Process

  1. MITB students interested in the advanced standing programme should inform SMU after grad filing at MITB has been completed
  2. SMU to provide student name, date of birth and most recent academic transcripts from the MITB to UoM to request the UoM application fee waiver
  3. UoM to return UoM application fee waiver form to student
  4. Student to apply online for the MIS 100 point programme (Professional specialisation) via and upload ALL academic transcripts (including undergraduate studies) and the UoM application fee waiver form (and any other documents as requested by the online system)
  5. Student to notify UoM and SMU of the student ID number generated by the online application once the application is submitted so that UoM can flag the application as a priority application under the advanced standing agreement
  6. UoM to notify SMU of the application status

Enquiries and Application

For enquiries and application,

Contact details at SMU:
Dr Yeo Lip Pin
Senior Assistant Director, SCIS Postgraduate Professional Programmes
Telephone Number:+65-6808-5307
Address for Enquiries: School of Computing and Information Systems, Level 4 Graduate Programme Office, 80 Stamford Road, 80 Stamford Road, Singapore 178902

Contact details at UOM:
Ms Jacqui Hoare
Student Recruitment Manager, Melbourne School of Engineering
Telephone number: +61 3 8344 1922
To apply for the Master of Information Systems at UoM, follow the steps in the Application Process above.
University of Melbourne CRICOS provider code: 00116K

Last updated on 29 Apr 2021 .