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Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering)

From Classroom-Learning To Innovating Software Solutions

Learn software engineering principles, teamwork, technical and communication skills with SMU unique pedagogy, then immerse in a rigorous 52 weeks industry apprenticeship and innovate real-life software solutions


Future Ready
Career Skills


Our graduates are highly sought after as they have strong technology, business and people skills.

World-Class Faculty,
Large Scale Research


Large R&D grants from industry and government provide many opportunities for our students to create and explore the future.

Highly Collaborative
Learning Environment


Our nurturing culture of learning-to-learn has resulted in a strong sense of family and community within SCIS.

Many Career Tracks,
Highly Flexible


Choose one of the Computer Science Tracks: Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Cyber-Physical Systems

What do we really care about when training a student to become a professional software engineer?

Besides strong technical expertise, we believe that communication skills, the ability to work constructively in a team, strong professional ethics and a gritty attitude are essential ingredients. And these are precisely the attributes that we endeavour to equip our students with through our new BSc (Software Engineering)* programme.

A 52-week-long apprenticeship, as well as a curriculum that is co-developed and co-taught with our industry partners, will produce highly-qualified software engineers who are in high demand all over the world.

* Pending MOE’s approval, to be launched in August 2022


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Discover industry, faculty, alumni & students' perspectives on Software Engineering in SMU


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From Classroom-Learning To Innovating Software Solutions


Learn software engineering principles, teamwork, technical and communication skills with SMU unique pedagogy, then immerse in a rigorous 52 weeks industry apprenticeship and innovate real-life software solutions


Strong Industry Collaboration

The BSc (Software Engineering) Work-Study degree combines classroom-learning with structured on-the-job training for our students. It features a rigorous 52-week apprenticeship where you get to work in development teams under the mentorship of professional software engineers.

SCIS collaborates closely with our industry partners to equip you with technical, teamwork and communication skills to take on software engineering roles. Besides mentorship, career talks and guest lectures, our industry partners will also co-develop and co-teach the curriculum to ensure that you are familiar with current trends and best practices in software engineering.


Get a head-start in your career by embarking on an apprenticeship which is strongly supported by both academia & industry. As an apprentice, you will:

  •   Work in development teams to innovate software solutions under the mentorship of professional software engineers.
  •   Strengthen and broaden your technical and soft skills with hands-on experience.
  •   Learn about organisational work culture.
  •   Enhance your career opportunities with deep industry knowledge and personal professional network.
  •   Earn a stipend to supplement your finances.


Possible career pathways


Some prospective job roles

Full-Stack Software Developer
Front End Developer
Software Designer
Software Engineer
Software Quality Engineer
Web Developer
IT Solution Architect
IT Consultant



A Software Engineering Graduate

Systematically applies computing & engineering principles to the development of software solutions

Is familiar with the modern software development life cycle and is able to fulfil the roles of programmer, software designer and solution architect using agile practices

Adopts an engineering approach to create or maintain complicated modern software systems in a development team

Is firmly grounded in theoretical software design principles and fully immersed in professional practice

An Information Systems Graduate

Bridges technology and business communities through curriculum that combines business and technology courses

Leverages on existing and available computing components as building blocks to design and customise information systems solutions

Designs and develops innovative and value-adding solutions for business and society

Has exposure to some industry domains, the business processes, and business improvement framework using information systems

A Computer Science Graduate

Has solid grounding on the technical foundations of computing

Recognises the context in which a computer system may function including its interactions with people and the physical world

Applies computing knowledge to solve real problems

Designs and improves systems based on quantitative and qualitative assessment of its functionality, usability, and performance

Last updated on 29 Nov 2021 .




In 2020, Information Systems graduates earned the highest salary with a mean monthly salary of $4,683, as compared to the 2019 cohort’s $4,549. The median gross monthly salary is $4,542, up from $4,300 in 2019. Those with Cum Laude or better earned a mean gross monthly salary of $5,064 and a median gross salary of $5,000.

*Source: Graduate Employment Survey 2020




Highest salary for SCIS Graduates*



6 in 10

SCIS Graduates secured employment before graduating*




Overall employment rate*


Future-Ready Career Skills

Be highly sought after in the job market: Our graduates, with their strong technology, business and people skills, receive multiple job offers before graduation.

Highly Collaborative Learning Culture

Enjoy a strong sense of belonging in our school, created through our culture of ‘learning-to-learn’ and peer support.

Alignment with National Initiatives

Take advantage of our close linkages with national agencies and leading industry players for national initiatives such as the Digital Government Blueprint, Smart Nation, Artificial Intelligence, Consumer & Social Insights, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy, and Financial Services Technology.

Integrated Postgraduate Programmes

Fast-track your learning and career with our integrated postgraduate programmes that allow you to pursue an SCIS Bachelor’s and an integrated Master’s degree within a shorter period of time.

World-class Faculty, Large scale research

Shape and explore the future of the world in our large-scale technology initiatives supported by substantial R&D grants from the industry and government.