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Smart-City Management & Technology Major

Cities around the world continue to grow in size and are evolving into connected and technology-enabled societies. Smart cities are the ones which make use of technology to make a positive impact to the lives of people, businesses and environment.

The new Smart-City Management and Technology major is a unique interdisciplinary programme that aims to develop skills in integrating the key success ingredients: Technology, Social Sciences and Management for innovating smart city solutions.

The curriculum equips students with data analytics and solution development skills, along with evidence-based reasoning to policy, business and social implications of smart city innovations. The programme offers flexible domain specialisation in either information systems, social science or management.
This programme plugs the industry’s talent gap in multi-disciplinary and future-ready professionals.

I am confident that you will find the programme as exciting as current students and potential employers.

Undergraduate Programme Brochure


Discover industry & students' perspectives on our Smart City Management & Technology Major


Watch Recorded Webinars for Smart-City Management and Technology from SMU VIRTUAL OPENHOUSE 2020 (SMU VOH2020)

Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) : Smart-City Management & Technology Major

Webinar Recorded on Sat, 29 Feb 2020, 01.00PM
“What kind of job roles are there for the Smart-City Management & Technology major students?”

The panel shared the internship opportunities across private, public and non-profit organizations. Students also shared their experiences at work and how they coped with school!

Webinar Recorded on Sat, 29 Feb 2020, 04.15PM
“Why do the students in this major take social science courses like geographic analytics, public policy, also technology courses, the combination is rather unseen?” “Any key links to industry based curriculum geared to AI in the workplace?”

The panel was challenged with questions on the latest industry trends! They shared on the unique aspects of the programme to train students for new jobs in smart cities, ways to integrated postgraduate programmes and on student life and overseas experiences.

Webinar Recorded on Sun, 01 Mar 2020, 11.15AM
“Does this undergraduate degree go in-depth enough in any of the disciplines for employers to recognise our qualification for jobs?”

The panel shared the key role of technology in smart cities and the flexibility of the curriculum in pursuing your interests by building depth in both technology (e.g., data science, information security, business IT) and/or domain (e.g., healthcare, urban planning).

Webinar Recorded on Sun, 01 Mar 2020, 01.45PM
“What is special about Smart-City Major? How is it different from IS Major? Can I take both this major and Computer Science?” “Do you regret joining SMU? Are you enjoying SMU?”

The panel was challenged with interesting and provoking questions. See how they handle them!

Why Smart-City Management & Technology Major?


Smart City Management & Technology Major Learning Experience


BSc (IS) : Smart-City Management & Technology Curriculum

for intake AY2019-20 onwards

BSc (IS) : Smart-City Management & Technology Curriculum

for intakes AY2017-18 & AY2018-19


Explore a myriad of career opportunities with our Smart City Management & Technology Major


Plenty of career opportunities await you! Here are some examples:



Social Science


Urban Planner
Data Analyst/Scientist
Sustainable Solutions Designer
Smart Systems Analyst/Developer
IoT Solution Architect
Health Informatics Officer
Software Engineer
Urban Solutions Researcher
IT Consultant
Business Analyst
Digital Product Manager
Smart City Partnership Strategist
Project Management Associate

...and many more as the job market evolves in this era of pervasive computing!


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Last updated on 21 Jul 2021 .