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Information Systems Major

Technology advancement provides many exciting opportunities for companies to improve their business processes and society to improve the quality of life in this digital economy.

Our BSc (IS) Information Systems programme teaches students the business and technology skills to create value for businesses and society in their digital business transformation journey. Students learn to use data analytics to discover organisational issues and innovate digital business solutions to drive digital transformation.

Students learn in a highly interactive environment and get the chance to apply their knowledge to real-world projects. This alignment with the needs of the industry makes our students industry-ready with future-ready career skills.

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Discover industry, faculty & students' perspectives on Information Systems in SMU


Watch Recorded Webinars for Information Systems from SMU VIRTUAL OPENHOUSE 2020 (SMU VOH2020)

Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) : Information Systems Major

Webinar Recorded on Sat, 29 Feb 2020, 11.45AM
“What can I expect if I study IS here?” “How do I better prepare myself for the IS programme?”
Webinar Recorded on Sat, 29 Feb 2020, 03.30PM
“What’s the difference between your BSc(IS) course and BSc(Computer Science) course?” “One of you mentioned that you were from JC without IT/programming background. May I know how was your experience adapting to your course? What were some difficulties you faced?”
Webinar Recorded on Sun, 01 Mar 2020, 10.00AM
“What are the scholarships available for students to apply?” “What is peer learning or peer teaching? Can you elaborate more on this?”
Webinar Recorded on Sun, 01 Mar 2020, 03.00PM
“How does one learn coding/programming? Is it about practising, like maths? Or memorizing the codes?” “How long did it take the panellists to get up to speed with programming?”

BSc (IS) : Information Systems Curriculum

for intake AY2019-20 onwards

BSc (IS) : Information Systems Curriculum

for intakes AY2017-18 & AY2018-19


Discover students' & alumni perspectives on Information Systems in SMU



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