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Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) : IT Solution Development Major


An Interplay between Computing Theory and Practice

BSc (Computer Science) equips students with an understanding of the interplay between computing theory and practice and the essential links between them, as well as fundamental business innovation and IT solution development and management skills.


The fourth industrial revolution is here. Are you ready?

Come and learn to build real life Artificial Intelligence, Cyber-Physical, and Cybersecurity solutions.

How will the wave of smart devices with artificial intelligence capabilities affect the way we study, work, play and live? How will the Internet of Things transform the manufacturing processes leading to the next industrial revolution? In the presence of such transformative technologies, how do we keep the computer systems that we rely so much on safe and secure? These are some of the forces shaping our future digital economy.

Discover industry, faculty, alumni & students' perspectives on Computer Science in SMU


Watch Recorded Webinars for Computer Science from SMU VIRTUAL OPENHOUSE 2020 (SMU VOH2020)

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) : IT Solution Development Major

Webinar Recorded on Sat, 29 Feb 2020, 02.15PM
What’s the difference between Computer Science (CS) and Information Systems (IS)? They are both great programmes! Our first panel explores how you may consider between the two, as well as opportunities such as research, internships, and postgraduate studies.
Webinar Recorded on Sat, 29 Feb 2020, 04.45PM
Do you need programming background to study CS? Our second panel discusses the preparations you need to do well in the program (hint: no prior programming is necessary), your future career prospects, as well as what’s special about CS at SMU SCIS.
Webinar Recorded on Sun, 01 Mar 2020, 11.15AM
Curious about the specialization tracks in computer science? Our third panel describes the Cyber-Physical Systems track and elaborates on how the Artificial Intelligence (AI) track prepares you well for data science and AI jobs. Look out for the clarification on math requirements and modules.
Webinar Recorded on Sun, 01 Mar 2020, 04.15PM
What is the learning experience like at SMU? Hear from our fourth panel about studying CS in a management university, having JC vs. Poly background, as well as the workload of the course. More reasons to be excited are the cybersecurity track, the SMU-CMU Fast Track programme, as well as brand new computing labs and project opportunities.



A Computer Science Graduate

Has solid grounding on the technical foundations of computing

Recognises the context in which a computer system may function including its interactions with people and the physical world

Applies computing knowledge to solve real problems

Designs and improves systems based on quantitative and qualitative assessment of its functionality, usability, and performance

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An Information Systems Graduate

Bridges technology and business communities through curriculum that combines business and technology courses

Leverages on existing and available computing components as building blocks to design and customise information systems solutions

Designs and develops innovative and value-adding solutions for business and society

Has exposure to some industry domains, the business processes, and business improvement framework using information systems

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Last updated on 15 Oct 2021 .




In 2020, Information Systems graduates earned the highest salary with a mean monthly salary of $4,683, as compared to the 2019 cohort’s $4,549. The median gross monthly salary is $4,542, up from $4,300 in 2019. Those with Cum Laude or better earned a mean gross monthly salary of $5,064 and a median gross salary of $5,000.

*Source: Graduate Employment Survey 2020




Highest salary for SCIS Graduates*



6 in 10

SCIS Graduates secured employment before graduating




Overall employment rate as of February 2021


Future-Ready Career Skills

Be highly sought after in the job market: Our graduates, with their strong technology, business and people skills, receive multiple job offers before graduation.

Highly Collaborative Learning Culture

Enjoy a strong sense of belonging in our school, created through our culture of ‘learning-to-learn’ and peer support.

Alignment with National Initiatives

Take advantage of our close linkages with national agencies and leading industry players for national initiatives such as the Digital Government Blueprint, Smart Nation, Artificial Intelligence, Consumer & Social Insights, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy, and Financial Services Technology.

Integrated Postgraduate Programmes

Fast-track your learning and career with our integrated postgraduate programmes that allow you to pursue an SCIS Bachelor’s and an integrated Master’s degree within a shorter period of time.

World-class Faculty, Large scale research

Shape and explore the future of the world in our large-scale technology initiatives supported by substantial R&D grants from the industry and government.


1st Major

IT Solution Development

Fundamental Computing Principles

2nd Major

IT Solution Management

Business Acumen and Technology Management

Unique to the BSc (Computer Science) degree programme, students will 'earn' a second major in IT Solution Management concurrently, with the completion of selected courses.


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