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Term Track Faculty (OCC-SCIS)

Singapore Management University (SMU) invites applications for two term track faculty positions in the area of Digital Technology and Transformation. Broadly defined, a “term track” faculty is appointed to either the education-track, practice-track, or lecturer-track, on a 3-year, renewable contract.

Both these positions will be jointly appointed between the Office of Core Curriculum (OCC) and the School of Computing and Information Systems (SCIS). We are looking particularly for candidates with a solid technical background but who can also speak comfortably to debates of humanistic or social concern, or those with a social or humanistic background who also possess a significant knowledge of technical skills and applications. We are not looking for candidates who can demonstrate a technical or humanistic skillset only. An interest in serving as a residential fellow in a residential college will be a plus.

The selected candidates should be able to:

  • Design and deliver undergraduate courses in digital technology and its transformational effects. This includes topics such as: digital transformation concepts and theories; digital technologies (e.g. AI, social/new media, data analytics, IoT, cloud computing, blockchain, virtual reality, etc.) and their applications; the effects of digital transformation on society, politics and culture; digital governance and ethics; and/or digital business.
  • Integrate technology concepts with those related to society and/or business to help students gain a good understanding of how digital technologies might be transforming businesses, societies, and/or governance processes.
  • Convert scholarly and/or practical knowledge pertaining to the transformative effects of digital products, processes and policies into course content and teaching cases.
  • Keep up to date with new technologies, tools and techniques, and theoretical perspectives, that might impact digital business and social transformation.
  • Assistant Professor on the Education or Practice Track:

  • The position requires a PhD, ideally in a technically-oriented field (e.g. Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, etc.) or a more humanistic and/or interdisciplinary field (e.g. Communications and New Media; Science, Technology, and Society, etc). Irrespective of background, it is vital that candidates can demonstrate a good fit with both OCC and SCIS.
  • The candidate must have demonstrated the ability to conduct independent research, evidenced by scholarly outputs such as publications in journals, books and book chapters, conference proceedings and professional magazines.
  • Education track appointments must be supported by a credible teaching track record at reputable institutions of higher learning (IHL), as well as strong research skills.
  • Practice track appointments must have prior years of relevant industry and consulting experience.
  • The candidate must posess a strong passion for learning and teaching, outstanding communication and presentation skills, as well as the ability and willingness to teach multiple courses, develop their own electives, co-teach, and to teach team-taught courses.
  • Senior Lecturer or Lecturer:

  • The position requires a PhD or Master’s degree in a relevant discipline.
  • The candidate must have a strong teaching track record at reputable institutions of higher learning (IHL), as well as the ability and willingness to teach multiple courses.
  • The candidate must have a strong passion for learning and teaching, while possessing outstanding communication and presentation skills.
  • Prior years of relevant industry and consulting experience might be an added advantage, depending on the candidate’s area of specialisation.
  • We invite candidates to submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, teaching statement, research statement, contact details of three referees, and two samples of work published in English to Applicants should also arrange for three academic references with contact information to be sent directly to: The Dean, Office of Core Curriculum, Singapore Management University, 81 Victoria Street, Singapore 188065

    SMU is committed to fostering diversity and cultivating an inclusive work environment. Applications from women and minorities are particularly encouraged. For further information about the Office of Core Curriculum and the School of Computing and Information Systems can be found at and

    Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed and may be invited to a campus visit, if local COVID-19 measures allow. The expected start date is either 1 January 2022 or 1 July 2022.

    Application can be made at link.

    The deadline for applications is 5 September 2021.

Last updated on 02 Sep 2021 .