2015 IFAAMAS Victor Lesser Distinguished Dissertation Award

This award was started for dissertations defended in 2006 and is named for Professor Victor Lesser, a long standing member of the AAMAS community who has graduated a large number of outstanding PhD students in the area. To be eligible for the 2015 award, a dissertation had to have been written as part of a PhD defended during the year 2015, and had to be nominated by the supervisor with three supporting references. Selection is based on originality, depth, impact and written quality, supported by quality publications. Previous winners of this award were Yair Zick (2014), Manish Jain (2013), Birgit Endrass (2012), Daniel Villatoro (2011), Bo An (2010), Andrew Gilpin  (2009), Ariel Procaccia (2008), Radu Jurca (2007), and Vincent Conitzer (2006).

The 2015 IFAAMAS Victor Lesser Distinguished Dissertation Award recipient is Dr. Amos Azaria, whose thesis titled "Agents for Automated Human Persuasion" was supervised by Prof. Sarit Kraus and Prof. Yonatan Aumann. The committee also wanted to recognize Dr. Piotr Skowron, whose thesis titled "Resource Allocation in Selfish and Cooperative Distributed Systems" was supervised by Prof. Piotr Faliszewski and Prof. Krzysztof Rzadca.